On the market nowadays, there are many generator set brand from Viet Nam, United State, Europe. Also there are many supplier, even the people say suppliers were disorder. However, if we consider about ability to technology, human resources, financial, Hoathang’s products have many advantages that we suggest the customer choose, include:

-  Our management are technical engineers (Design, Installation – Repair – Maintenance), so we esteem quality, do not run after profits that forgot customer’s benefits, morals in business, interested in after – sales, can do everything on our own initiative. Maybe we are not good in communication (speak) but surely we perform (action) good.

-   Because we are clear about technology, so that we design gen-set with high efficiency, easy to operate, repair, maintain. Long life products, low operation cost

-  Manufacture – business follow ISO9001-2008 standards

-  Enthusiasm consultancy for buy goods

-  Quality of goods is stable

-  Declare the country of origin of goods clearly – explicitly

-  Enthusiasm & professional after - sales.

-  Products with reasonable price but quality is stable

- Good after – sales service

-  After – sales commitments ware performed clearly

-  Was not deceived when buy goods

We always put ourselves are customers when supply goods and service.

Our trademark and products focus in words “Reliable & Durable”. Customer’s satisfaction is our service happy. We sell products with conscience of persons doing technicality.