Container use generator sets

  • Designed to run continuously or redundantly
  • Microprocessor controller with full functionality
  • Motor threads and battery chargers
  • Water tank, impeller and hard / soft coupling
  • Filter oil, lubricant, wind easily removable
  • Coaxial coupling according to international standards
  • A ball-bearing, brushless head
  • H / H insulation, IP23 / IP67 protection level (Full water resistance)
  • Closed CB / MCCB / output cut
  • Battery, connector and rack
  • Base frame and damping rubber
  • Send anti-slip up / down / back / forth / back
  • The removable oil tank has an operating capacity of at least 15-20 hours at 75% of the engine capacity
  • Silencer and elastic coupling
  • Document of operation, maintenance and repair


>>> Specification of generator set install behide cabin truck is used for cold container

>>> Specification of generator set install under trailer is used for cold container

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